It’s Our Last Night On Earth! – The Zombie Game


I finally got my copy of Last Night on Earth last Wednesday and was able to play it several times this past weekend. It’s amazing! Cost me php 2,400.00 but the game has been worth it so far.

Last Night on Earth is a board game that recreates a zombie movie with each game. Played by 2 to 6 people, players either play as a Zombie player (one to two players controlling the Zombie horde) or a Human player (one to four players controlling 4 Heroes).

LNOE - set up

Zombie players (although usually there’s just one) control anywhere between 1 to 14 zombies per turn, moving them around the map chasing Heroes and trying to eat their brains. Storywise, Zombie players draw and play Zombie cards – these represent events and plot twists that leans the story towards the side of the Zombies.

LNOE poster 1Five of the eight original Heroes of the game (clockwise from top left): Sally, Father Joseph, Johnny, Becky, and Jenny.

Human players control 4 Heroes (1 player controls all 4, two players control 2 Heroes each, 4 players control 1 Hero each) and dictate their actions: do the Heroes stay inside buildings to search for items that would help them against the Zombie horde (such as Billy finding some dynamite, shown in the image above)? Do the Heroes take on the Zombies right away (like Johnny who’s daring a group of zombies with his bare hands, shown in the image below)? Heroes make use of Hero cards which either represent weapons and other items like Keys and Gasoline, or Hero Events that turn the story in favor of the Heroes.

LNOE poster 2

With easy-to-understand rules and components that ooze with the zombie horror theme, it’s no wonder why the people I played this game with enjoyed so much. And it’s compatible with Invasion From Outer Space too! Which means that some time soon, I’ll be enjoying a game of Humans vs Martians vs Zombies!


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