Heroclix – The Marvel vs DC Movie Blockbuster Challenge

When it comes to superheroes, it’s always been Marvel and DC that’s at the top, a rivalry that’s lasted for decades. Fans have argued countless times about which company has better characters and storylines and like the best kind of arguments, this one will continue for decades more. This year, a focal point of the rivalry revolves around Marvel’s The Avengers movie and DC’s The Dark Knight Rises, with fans arguing which movie is better.

WizKids/NECA has made Heroclix sets for years but has always based their designs on comic book universes despite several comic book-based movies getting released. A few years ago, they wisely decided to release sets based on movies, testing the waters out with the Watchmen collector’s set (arguably based on both the comic book and the movie version) and the forgettable Jonah Hex tie-in figures. NECA continued the trend last year, this time creating a set that was based on a core DC property – the Green Lantern movie starter set and 10-figure gravity feed microset. I don’t have actual sales figures for this set, but it’s apparent that the approach is successful because NECA created two full sets based on The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, arguably the two biggest comic book movies set for release this year.

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroclix Starter Set

The Avengers Movie Heroclix set was released in April of this year, a few weeks before the actual movie was released. It consisted of a 6-figure starter based on the 6 Avengers members, a 42-figure single booster set, and a 10-figure Target-exclusive microset. The figures in this set were based on characters from the Avengers movie, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Dark Knight Rises – the Heroclix that Gotham deserves

Earlier this month, in the same vein as the Avengers being released weeks before the movie, the Dark Knight Rises set was released. This set consisted of a 6-figure starter,  a 30-figure single booster set, and a 10-figure mass market (forgot which chain) exclusive microset. The figures in this set were based on characters from the three Nolan-helmed Batman movies.

I talked about all this because when the Dark Knight Rises set was released, a friend and fellow Heroclix player (who was more of a DC fan) agreed to the Marvel vs DC Blockbuster Challenge where we’d use figures from both movie sets released this year in several best-of-three matches that ranges from 300 points to 600 points. Because of the way the sets were designed, I’m going to play Avengers teams and he’s going to play Gotham Underworld teams (Batman’s enemies) to decide which is the better universe once and for all (well, not really). This weekend, we’ll have the first round, a best-of-three 300 point competition. I’ll try to write a preview of the match as I already know the team that he’s going to use – personally, I think he’s got an advantage. Will Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes triumph, or will Batman’s rogues gallery win this round for the Distinguished Competition?


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