Heroclix Wishlist: Avalanche

Avalance in this classic costume.

Who is this character:

Avalanche is a mutant with the power to generate seismic waves from his hands. He was a member of Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants incarnation (one of the more popular incarnations) and joined the team together when they worked for the United States government as Freedom Force. A friend of Pyro, Avalanche showed some nobility when he spent some time trying to find a cure for the Legacy Virus. Recently, he gave up his criminal ways and set up a bar in San Francisco that has become a frequent stop for his fellow mutants. He’s donned his costume more than once since then, assisting Cyclops and his X-Men when called on.

Avalanche’s costume is actually a suit of armor that offers protection from injury.

Kick-ass moment that I read about:

He’s been off most writers’ radar recently, but he’s still significant to have minor parts in recent storylines, such as when he assisted the other X-Men in holding off the Nimrod sentinels during Second Coming. He was Cyclops’ Plan # 4 in attempting to stop the hammer-wielding Juggernaut during the events of Fear Itself.

Avalanche was relevant enough to warrant multiple VS System card versions. This is one of the rarer Avalanche cards.

Why this character should be “clixed”:

The most recent set rotation removed several Brotherhood of Mutant figures from Modern Age so it helps to have a few cost-efficient Brotherhood members, especially since two of the more prominent Brotherhood-keyworded figures in Modern Age (Juggernaut and Magneto) weigh in at almost 200 points. The Freedom Force keyword also had several additions in the form of Mystique, Pyro and Blob so I consider it as an injustice not to remake the other prominent Freedom Force members.

Avalanche’s and Pyro’s friendship even made it to the popular 90’s X-Men Animated series.

What I want to see in this character’s clix incarnation:

Seeing all those Duo traits in the Captain America set made me want something similar for Avalanche, whose been known to buddy up with Pyro during their stints in the Brotherhood and Freedom Force. So the first thing that I want to see in a remake is a trait that gives both Avalanche and Pyro a +1 attack bonus whenever they are adjacent to each other. While the Duo traits all have the word “Duo” in their names, I can’t help but use the name Shake and Bake for this trait.

Shake and bake, baby!

As for Avalanche’s powers – I’ve never known him to have any special movement abilities so I didn’t assign him any Speed Powers. His seismic ability was represented by the Pulse Wave power in his previous incarnation, and I want to retain that here but add two other abilities; the first ability being the standard Quake power, and a second ability that allows Avalanche to use Quake along a single line and generate debris markers on squares with opposing characters. I’d also like to give him Barrier as he uses his seismic powers to raise chunks of earth as barriers, and Toughness for his suit of armor. He loses Barrier, Pulse Wave and the special Quake to give way for standard Toughness and Quake once he takes enough damage. I also gave him a range of 8 so he can use Pulse Wave at a range of 4. Here’s my Heroclix version of Avalanche:


I have another version in mind that I’ll work on soon, maybe an Avalanche that can do a ranged Quake and create debris markers within his range and line of sight (will make him Magneto’s favorite mutant co-hort), but right now I’m aiming for a version that would pull his weight in teams without Magneto. I really hope to see a version of him soon – Wizkids, I hope you’re listening!


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