Fear Itself – Guide to Tie-Ins Part 2

Marvel has a company-wide crossover event called Fear Itself that I’m currently reading, which brings about memories of past crossover events that I’ve read and collected, stories like Civil War, Siege, and Shadowland. It’s quite challenging financially to catch up on all the tie-ins of a major event, so I thought I’d do my part and talk about Fear Itself’s tie-ins (SPOILER alert).

The Secret Avengers: (top, left to right) Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter; (bottom, left to right) Beast, Black Widow.

Secret Avengers #13-#15

Except for Avengers Academy, the Avengers tie-ins have all been single issue stories focusing on the experience of a member as the events of Fear Itself unfold. The three Secret Avengers tie-ins follow the same format, with Beast featuring in a story about a politician friend of his who is refusing to leave his post in the U.S. Capitol during the Blitzkrieg of Sin’s forces in Washington. The second issue shows Valkyrie help a female soldier deal with the death of a loved one on the battlefield as she reminisces of her own experience. The third issue is all about the Black Widow as she reprimands the staff of a public news and gossip website for capitalizing on the tragedies resulting from Sin’s attacks. They’re entertaining stories, but I have to be honest – these stories didn’t really add to my Fear Itself experience. Can be skipped, and I only recommend this to readers who want more glimpses on what goes on with the non-hero folk during these events.

Hercules, the now-mortal son of Zeus in his new costume and sporting new weapons.

Herc #3-#6

Herc’s Fear Itself tie-in involves Raft escapees Basilisk, Griffin and Man-Bull as they ally themselves with Hercules against Kyknos and Hecate in Brooklyn. Hecate, feeding on the fear rising across the globe, empowers Kyknos and backs him up in his quest to revive Ares, the God of War. This story is a nice read but has little to do with Fear Itself. Pick this up if you’re a Hercules fan; skip if you’re on a limited budget.

The Russian super-spy finds herself in another Fear Itself tie-in.

Fear Itself: Black Widow #1

A one-shot story that follows Black Widow on a mission given to her by Steve Rogers after the events of Fear Itself #3: stop terrorists in France and rescue all of their hostages. I wonder why Black Widow got a one-shot when she already had a solo story in Secret Avengers. There’s nothing special in this one-shot, and it doesn’t have much to do with Fear Itself so my verdict is skip.


Err… You’ve got the wrong idea, Deadpool.

Fear Itself: Deadpool #1-#3

This three issue tie-in centers around Deadpool’s attempt to cash in on the chaos brought about by Sin and the Serpent. Pretending to be the “Spectre of Mass Destruction”, Deadpool successfully convinces the Walrus that he has been “chosen” via a regular-looking sledgehammer and manipulates him into causing property damage in Cimarron, New Mexico. He then convinces the residents of Cimarron to hire him to stop the Walrus which almost backfires when the sledgehammer’s mystical powers trigger under the full moon’s light. A silly story that has nothing to do with the main Fear Itself storyline. Some jokes throughout the tie-in fall flat but the Beatles’ fan in me appreciates the Walrus references. A fun read, but on a tight budget this should be skipped.

On my previous post, I recommended two out of four tie-ins. How did we fare this time around? Not too good, with four out of four tie-ins that can be skipped. One is a worthwhile read though, and the other can be a good read if you like slapstick. So if you have a little extra space in your budget consider getting the Herc and the Deadpool tie-ins.


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