Fear Itself – Guide to Tie-Ins Part 1

Marvel has a company-wide crossover event called Fear Itself that I’m currently reading, which brings about memories of past crossover events that I’ve read and collected, stories like Civil War, Siege, and Shadowland. It’s quite challenging financially to catch up on all the tie-ins of a major event, so I thought I’d do my part and talk about Fear Itself’s tie-ins (SPOILER alert).

Sin becomes Skadi, the (Marvel) Norse God of Fear in Fear Itself #1.

Fear Itself: Sin’s Past #1

This is a one-shot with a little summary on Sinthia Shmidt AKA Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter and one of the main villains of Fear Itself. What you get for the $4.99 cover price is a few new pages showing Steve’s thoughts on Sin, and then has reprints of Captain America # 355 – # 357.  Not worth $4.99, in my humble opinion.

Fear Itself: Spider-Man #1-3

A side-story that features Spider-Man as he tries to deal with the wave of fear that’s sweeping across New York City. The story also focuses on several civilians and how they’re coping with different situations during the ongoing madness, and how Spider-Man manages to save them. In the end, Spider-Man faces off against a hammer-wielding Thing and suceeds in driving the possessed hero away from a hospital. A good read, but it’s kind of hard to tell where this fits in the overall event, considering that Spider-Man makes appearances in the New Avengers tie -in,  as well as the main series. Consider getting this tie-in just to get a glimpse of what goes through civilians’ minds (and to check out Mike McKone’s art).

Fat Cobra, War Machine and Iron fist against a transformed Absorbing Man.

Iron Man 2.0 #5-7

This tie-in starts in Washington D.C., where Secret Avengers Beast, Ant-Man, and War Machine were deployed in Secret Avengers #13. The Prince of Orphans, one of the Immortal Weapons and recent member of the Secret Avengers, joins them only to be transported (together with War Machine) to China where they meet up with Iron Fist and the other Immortal Weapons. The tie-in to Fear Itself is the brief fight that ensued between the heroes and Titania, which ends abruptly after the Absorbing Man takes possession of his hammer and knocks all of the heroes out. The story then focuses on the Immortal Weapons as they attempt to close the Hell Gate (the reason why all of the Immortal Weapons were transported to China). Having very little to do with Fear Itself, the only reasons for reading this tie-in are (1) if you’re a War Machine/Iron Fist/Immortal Weapon fan or (2) if you want to see how the Absorbing Man finds his hammer. Otherwise, skip this.

The Thing, transformed into Angrir, Breaker of Souls.

Fear Itself: FF # 1

This one-shot picks up from Fear Itself #3, after the Thing picks up the hammer that landed in New York City. This tie-in features the rest of the Future Foundation as they try to stop their teammate from wreaking havoc. This definitely adds to the overall story as it explains how the hammer is manipulating Thing, who normally shows resistance to mind control and other influences. It’s not essential, but if you can afford it, you should get this tie-in.


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