Plastic Surgery: Another GSX Angel Repaint

When Modern Age was redefined last May, First Class Angel was left without his First Class team mates (who were rotated out of Modern Age). This made Angel stand out – he was an anomaly amongst other X-Men figures legal for Modern Age play, as most of those characters were in their current incarnations. For reference, this is how GSX Angel looked like (my repaint on the left, the original paint scheme on the right):

In today’s comic publications, Angel wears this costume:

Luckily, I didn’t have to do a lot of modding. Several years ago, WizKids released the Danger Room Starter set, which included an Angel figure. It was nicely sculpted, arguably the best sculpt of feather-winged Angel that’s ever been released. The problem was, I didn’t like the paint-scheme:

It’s true, Angel wore this costume in comic books, but he rarely did in his blue-skinned version as shown here:

But it still wasn’t the current look, and personally I find the color scheme to be a bit off – I simply didn’t find the combination of Angel’s royal blue skin, rich blonde hair and deep red costume pleasing to the eye. So I got a bottle of light brown (Citadel Elf Flesh wasn’t available at the time) paint and did this:

Doesn’t he look better? I’ll update this post soon with a picture of Angel and the rest of the X-Men. Can’t wait to run this repainted figure in a tournament soon!


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