Hero-clix Wishlist: The Irredeemable Ant-Man

The Irredeemable Ant-Man

Who is this character:

Eric O’Grady is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was on a helicarrier that contained Hank Pym’s G.I.Ant-Man prototype suit when the Hand (during the Wolverine: Enemy of the State storyline) attacked.  Stealing and donning the suit to defend himself, O’Grady decided to go rogue and keep the G.I.Ant-Man suit for himself. More of an anti-hero than a superhero, O’Grady became drafted to Osborn’s Thunderbolts team after the Skrull Invasion. Finally realizing his true heroic nature, he betrayed the Thunderbolts with Paladin when the team was ordered to steal the Spear of Odin during the Siege of Asgard. Recognizing this, Steve Rogers offered O’Grady a spot on his covert Avengers team. O’Grady, now with a suit that looks more like the traditional Ant-Man costume, functions as the team’s infiltration specialist.

I miss his original costume...

Kick-ass moment (that I read about):

In the first Secret Avengers storyline, O’Grady saved the rest of the team from several Shadow Council minions who were ordered to bring and detonate a nuclear warhead on Mars. Despite the risk, O’Grady went on and detonated the warhead while in transit from Earth, barely making it out of the portal in time.

Why this character should be “clixed”:

O’Grady is one of the few characters that I have fun reading. When written well, he can be as good as Deadpool in providing comic relief. He’s famous enough to have a fanbase, having had his own series for a year and even sharing billing with Hank Pym in the Ant-Man and the Wasp mini-series this year.

I’m looking for low cost figures for filling out comic accurate themed teams, and Ant-Man would be a good low cost tie-up addition to both Avengers (he’s a Secret Avenger) and Thunderbolts themed teams.

Ant-Man (left), with the original Ant-Man himself, Hank Pym (right)

What I want to see in this character’s clix incarnation:

We’ve had several incarnations of Ant-Man in Heroclix, but none have managed to capture what I’m looking for. Also, O’Grady’s Ant-Man is quite different from how Pym and Lang (Ant-Man I and II, respectively) were. With Special Powers, I think O’Grady’s Ant-Man can be better represented now.

Like the characters that previously donned the Ant-Man costume, O’Grady’s main power is to change his size, usually going as small as his namesake. The first two Ant-men usually rode on winged ants, but the new Ant-Man costume has built-in propulsion systems that allow O’Grady to fly when he’s small-sized. Since he’s small, he usually can’t “carry” other people. To represent this, Ant-Man should have the Flight ability but not the Wing speed symbol. Since his small size allows O’Grady to hide from plain sight, O’Grady should have the Stealth speed power. Finally, O’Grady has been shown to perform “flying punches”, so he should also have the Charge speed power.

Offensively, his Ant-Man armor comes equipped with “stingers” that channelled his bio-energy into energy blasts. Traditionally, this has been represented with the Incapacitate Attack power. However, previous users of the “stingers” have been known to use these blasts creatively – the Wasp, for example, used her small size to get a good position and aim at her opponents vulnerable spots (an ear or eye, for instance). Rather than Incapacitate, I’m giving my O’Grady the Exploit Weakness power.

Defensively, Ant-Man’s small size makes him very hard to hit, period. I considered giving him both Combat Reflexes and Energy Shield/Deflection, but that might drive his cost up, so I’m settling for Super Senses, the defensive power that speedsters/small sized characters typically get.

But O’Grady isn’t limited to being ant-sized. He’s been shown to fight even as a normal sized human, and when he does, he utilizes two cybernetic leg-like appendages that sprout out from the back of his suit. To represent this, I’m giving him the Flurry Speed power (he can attack with both his own arms and the cybernetic legs) and Combat Reflexes (he can use the cybernetic legs to parry close combat attacks). He also once used the mass increasing capabilities of his costume, but I won’t be including that ability since I’m trying to be cost-efficient and I don’t want to unnecessarily bloat his point cost.

So here’s the dial that I’d like for him to have:

There’s a good chance that he’ll be included in the upcoming Captain America set, so I hope we’ll see a similar or even better dial for this irredeemable hero.


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