Plastic Surgery: JL Aquaman Head Swap

Originally posted August 8, 2010, at my old blog.

I’ve never been good at artsy stuff. I’m a little on the impatient side, so whenever I’m doing anything art-related, I tend to rush things and they end up looking average at best. So I never tried “modding” any of my figures until recently. But until yesterday, most of my mods were very very basic.

Recently, I got a hold of another Aquaman version with a slight defect:

Yes, he’s got a starfish on his face. That starfish is actually a “starrophyte”, a small clone of Starro the Conqueror. Starrophytes allow Starro to control any being it attaches itself to, kind of like a comic book version of body snatchers. So this Aquaman isn’t making out with a starfish, but it’s a version that’s supposed to depict an Aquaman enslaved by Starro.

I decided to change my Aquaman since all it needed was a different head, so I went “headhunting” yesterday and found this:

Who cares who he is? I’m just going to “Rip” his head off. This character is Rip Hunter, a time travelling adventurer who recently assisted Booster Gold during the events of 52. Yesterday, he assisted me by donating his head. The finished product:

Thanks to Rip, I now have a normal Aquaman, free from Starro’s influence.



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2 responses to “Plastic Surgery: JL Aquaman Head Swap

  1. Ruel

    Wow – ang mahal din naman ng swap mo ha. Uncommon si Rip Hunter and alam ko LE si Aquaman! 😛

    • comicsgeek

      Late reply – I’ve been very busy, too busy to even peek here. Yes Aquaman is an LE, he’s actually a “Starro Attacks! Exclusive” figure (dunno what that means exactly). But I’d rather do the head swap than play him with a starfish on his face 🙂

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