Plastic Surgery: GSX Angel Repaint Using Gundam Markers

I’ve been staying away from repainting my Heroclix figures because of several reasons, one is that I’m not very good at arts and crafts. Another is that I find it hard to get into painting – I’d have to get a lot of paint, and I’d have to get and maintain a couple of brushes. It’s not that convenient for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands.

My nephew then recommended that I use Gundam Markers, which is the art product that I’ve been looking for. A Gundam Marker is similar to a permanent/washable marker, wherein the “color” is enclosed in a thin plastic casing. Instead of ink, Gundam Markers contain paint. The tips aren’t made of felt (as far as I could tell), allowing the paint to flow nicely.

My nephew's set of Gundam Markers

I found the concept interesting, but I still didn’t try it out until I got tired of looking at the Web of Spider-Man Daken uncommon figure. No offense to the sculptor, but it simply didn’t look nice, especially when you compare it to the Limited Edition Daken. I thought about it for quite some time. I only needed dark brown – my nephew already had a yellow and red marker. It was then that I decided to replace the original figure with a repainted Wolverine to make the uncommon Daken more pleasing to the eye. And I did just that, painting over the blacks and grays of the Web of Spider-Man Wolverine with my nephew’s yellow Gundam marker. I then purchased a brown fine tipped Gundam marker (filled with ink and not paint, unfortunately) to color up the brown parts of Daken’s costume. The result wasn’t good – the yellow was too far from the shade of tan that I needed. But the experiment was successful – the markers were easy enough to use that I was able to repaint most of the figure without needing to strip off the original paint despite my inexperience at art. I haven’t given up on this project though – I’m looking to get my hands on a light brown or tan Gundam marker soon.

What was more successful was my repaint of the Giant Size X-Men Angel uncommon figure. Fans have been clamoring for a First Class rendition of Angel since the release of the First Class X-Men in the Mutations and Monsters set. I’m one of the many who question the decision to create Heroclix figures of just four out of the five X-Men founders, and also one of the many who were glad to see the missing fifth member (Angel) finally represented. However, Angel’s costume scheme followed the modernized version while the other four used the classic costumes:

Who among the clothed X-Men members is the odd one out?

I couldn’t resist – I knew that I had to repaint Angel so that he’d fit right in with the other four especially since my nephew already had blue, yellow, and white gundam markers. So one night, I gave in to my compulsion and repainted Angel. The result is… well, here:

Repainted Angel on the left, original on the right

To someone like me who isn’t a perfectionist when it comes to color, I was happy. The blue is a little brighter than the blue of the original costume, but I think it’s better that he’s in the original color scheme (despite the palette differences) than in a different color scheme altogether.

A better fit? I think so.

After two attempts at repaints, here’s what I can say about Gundam markers – it’s really just an option for novices. If you’re looking for precision, the marker tips don’t offer a lot, so you can’t really use them for detailing. Also, you can’t mix the paints reliably, which can be done with standard paints, so you’re pretty much limited to the colors that the Gundam markers already come in. And these Gundam markers, well, they’re for Gundam model kits so I can imagine that the available colors for Gundam markers aren’t as many as what you can find for collectible paints. I wouldn’t recommend this for pros and artists, as the convenience of Gundam markers isn’t worth the quality that you can aim for with standard brushes and paints. But this is a good option for novices like me who want to make basic modifications to their collectibles.

Another shot of the X-Men First Class lineup in their original costumes.

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