Heroclix Wish List: Kitty Pryde

 Who is this character: 

When the X-Men first debuted, they were in their teens and were students of “Professor” X. The title wasn’t very popular, and was canceled by 1970. The X-Men finally gained popularity with the release of Giant Size X-Men #1 in 1975. This title featured characters that were all grown up, such as Storm and Wolverine.

Kitty Pryde (in her original X-Men costume) and Lockheed, her "pet" dragon.

After an editorial mandate to introduce a young character to the X-Men franchise was made – after all, Xavier was supposed to be running a school for gifted mutants. And that was how the title originally started, with Professor X finding young mutants and teaching them how to use their powers for good. A mutant with the power to phase through anything, Kitty Pryde was the first recruit of the X-Men since the giant size relaunch, and served as the team’s young student. She was usually the focal point for many lessons, such as prejudice, racial acceptance, and the like. Going through codenames like Sprite and Ariel, she eventually settled on the codename of Shadowcat, and served with the X-Men and was a founding member of the U.K.-based superhero team Excalibur together with fellow X-Man Nightcrawler.

She recently served as a member of Cyclops’ Astonishing X-Men roster. Chosen because of the defensive nature of her powers, Kitty proved her value to the team when she single-handedly saved the Earth from devastation during the X-Men’s mission on Breakworld, using her powers to its fullest extent as she phased a giant bullet through the entire planet.

Kitty Pryde, a.k.a. Shadowcat, as a member of Excalibur.

Kick-ass moment (that I read about):

During the climax of the X-Men’s Breakworld Adventure, the Breakworld inhabitants fired a giant bullet at the Earth. All of the Earth’s superheroes were helpless to stop it, but Kitty managed to render the bullet intangible, phasing it through the planet. This act was a sacrifice, as Kitty was stuck on the bullet as it travelled through space.

The bullet as it's heading towards Earth.

Why this character should be “clixed”:

Of the Astonishing X-Men lineup, Kitty remains as the only member without a “Special Power” era representation, which is a shame because Kitty’s powers can be better represented with Special Powers. She has phasing, but she has the ability to disrupt the circuitry and electronics of any object that she phases through. Kitty’s existing Heroclix incarnations are limited to her basic phasing abilities.

Lockheed’s (Kitty’s pet dragon) inclusion in the Giant Size X-Men makes Kitty’s absence even more glaring. Lockheed has displayed fierce loyalty towards Kitty, which is represented by the ability that gives Lockheed increased stats when adjacent to a character that you name at the start of the game. A remake of Kitty will let Astonishing X-Men fans run modern age incarnations of the lineup, and can give the X-Men a teleporting evasive piece similar to Nightcrawler but is focused more on being defensive like Armor.

Kitty Pryde (in her Astonishing X-Men gear) and Lockheed

What I want to see in this character’s clix incarnation:

Kitty’s main power is turning herself intangible, and she uses this to travel unimpeded by physical structures. She can also turn anyone or anything she has direct contact with intangible, and she uses this to transport teammates as well. To represent these, I’d give Kitty a special Speed power that allows her to use the Phasing/Teleport power and the Carry ability to allow her to move herself and a friendly character across the map without difficulty. I opted against giving Kitty the Transporter speed icon because I don’t see her as someone who can attack while moving. Outwitting the special power gets rid of both her

Phasing and Carry, so this makes better sense to me. Kitty also uses her power of intangibility to defend herself. To represent this, I’d give her a high defense value (most likely 18) and a Defense special power that will allow her to use Super Senses. Since she can also turn teammates intangible, her Defense special power will also allow her to use the Defend power (so she can share her defense value) and grant any adjacent friendly figures Super Senses.

Kitty’s intangibility power shorts out any electrical mechanisms that she phases through, which makes robots and other mechanical constructs. I wanted to represent this by adding an effect to Kitty’s special Speed power that would result in automatic unavoidable or pushing damage to all characters with the Robot keyword that are occupying squares that Kitty moved through at the end of the turn, but this may be too overpowered (although I honestly don’t think so since it is limited to figures with the Robot keyword). To balance the power, I’d limit it to just one figure occupying a square within Kitty’s movement path that has the Robot keyword.

An offensive use of Kitty’s intangibility is her ability to phase her hand through an opponent, then solidify it. This can be represented by the Exploit Weakness power, but honestly I haven’t seen her do this yet (she threatened to do this to Emma Frost during Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men run, but she didn’t make good on this threat).

To represent her powers being less effective after getting hurt, Kitty’s Speed special power should turn into standard Phasing/Teleport after 3-4 clicks, removing her Carry ability and the unavoidable damage to Robots. Her Defense special power should turn into standard Super Senses as Kitty becomes less capable of protecting her teammates when she starts to get hurt, preventing her from improving the defenses of her teammates as well.

I want all this in a low cost package, somewhere around 50 ~ 70 points. Here’s the initial dial that I’m thinking about:

So what do you think? Is this dial worth creating? I hope she’ll see the light of day soon.


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