Plastic Surgery – Epoxyclay

As a figurine collector, I sometimes find myself unhappy with the quality of some of the figures that I get. Eventually, I got into “modding” – making changes to the Heroclix figures that I own to improve their appearance. I’m not very good with artsy stuff, so my mods have been pretty basic thus far.

A more experienced modder shared one of his modding techniques. He loved putting rock formations on his mods and to create his “rocks”, he uses Epoxyclay. It’s an adhesive that behaves like clay for 4-5 minutes, pliable and easy to mold, then starts to really harden once mixed properly. Here are the before and after pictures of the figures that I “improved” with the use of Epoxyclay:

This is The Thing from the Fantastic Four Heroclix starter set. The figure itself is aesthetically nice, but that hotdog cart that The Thing is grasping makes the figure tip over quite frequently during games, which can be quite annoying. Also, it makes The Thing harder to store (I’ll post pictures of my storage containers in the future). When I bought The Thing, I was lucky – the person from whom I bought The Thing from was starting to mod the figure – he had already taken out the hotdog cart. All I needed to do was find a suitable replacement, and that’s where Epoxyclay comes in:

While the hotdog cart still looks better, the Epoxyclay “boulder” made it easier for me to store the figure and it still looks good. And – no more tipping over! Here’s another picture, from a different angle this time:

Another figure that I modded for storage rather than appearance is Gambit from the Mutations and Monsters set. When I first got him, I was impressed, what with the broken Sentinel hand that he was jumping off of:

Very cool-looking, I assure you, but also a pain to store! Yesterday, I had enough. I figured, while the hand made for a much cooler look, I didn’t really need it. So I removed it from the figure and replaced it with an Epoxyclay rock formation:

It still looks nice (in my opinion at least) and storage is quite easier compared to when he still had that Sentinel hand with him.

The last mod that I made with the help of Epoxyclay was a mix of both function and aesthetics. It was for Hawkeye from the Avengers set:

At first glance, it looks fine. And it does, until you place it beside other figures, then you’ll start to notice his “shortcomings”:

Hawkeye is so much smaller compared to most figures (Iron Man and Captain America volunteered for this demonstration). It just looks bad. What does Epoxyclay have to do with this? Well, it’s a scaling issue, meaning I have to replace the entire figure, and the replacement that I chose is this:

The figure is quite nice, but he’s on a hoverbike. With one knee up, I decided to use Epoxyclay as a rock for Hawkeye to step on:

Here’s another angle:

Pardon the messy base – this was the second time that I tried replacing Hawkeye, so there’s glue buildup already. But look at how he measures up to the Big Three now (he looks shorter, but that’s because both Iron Man and Captain America are standing on little black platforms):

So there you have it, some examples of how Epoxyclay can be used for modding. Pretty basic, but it’s something that a subpar guy like me can do without too much difficulty.


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