Heroclix Wish List: Quasar

Quasar's current look

Who is this character:

Wendell Vaughn was a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was forced to wear the Quantum Bands (alien weaponry that generates light constructs similar to a Green Lantern ring) when the facility he was guarding was attacked by terrorists. Deciding to become a superhero, he started his new career battling villains on Earth, eventually visiting Uranus where his Quantum Bands were thought to have originated. This prompted him to meet the cosmic entity known as Eon, who bestowed the “Protector of the Universe” role upon him. Since then, the space-faring hero has had countless cosmic adventures, protecting the Earth and the rest of the universe during Operation: Galactic Storm, the Infinity War, Maximum Security. He was one of the galactic heroes who resisted the Annihilation Wave, where he was killed after attempting to assassinate Annihilus with his fellow hero Nova. He resurfaced as a quantum energy form, and eventually returning to his human form after a visit to the Cancerverse. During the Cancerverse’s attempted invasion of our dimension, Quasar stood with other cosmic heroes in their successful defense. Now, he serves as a member of the Annihilators – a group of cosmic heroes that have formed specifically to deal with major cosmic threats that no other heroes can stand against.

Quasar in the 90s, at the height of his popularity

Kick-ass moments:

Quasar has had a storied career, but what really got me interested in the character was his participation in Annihilation. Despite failing, deciding to take on Annihilus’ forces with Nova was quite gutsy. He was also integral in successfully fending off the Cancerverse invasion in Thanos Imperative, single-handedly saving Nova’s strike force when the Cancerverse version of Captain Marvel blew up his space vessel.

Quasar in Annihilation

Why this character should be “clixed”:

The cosmic-powered hero known as Quasar was once popular enough to have his own monthly comic book, but has been on the sidelines since the 90s. His involvement in recent storylines such as Annihilation, War of Kings, and The Thanos Imperative has restored his popularity somewhat, making him a recurring character in Marvel’s cosmic events. He only had one Heroclix version made, released in the very first Marvel Heroclix set as a Unique figure. Being one of the first figures designed, this Heroclix version was a limited and over-costed (in terms of game points) interpretation of Quasar’s abilities. Quasar’s recent exposure to the limelight screams for an updated figure, especially since his Annihilator peers have mostly been remade recently (Ronan, Beta Ray Bill, Silver Surfer) with more powerful clix representations.

(Left to right) Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, Nova, Silver Surfer, and Ronan the Accuser

What I want to see in this character’s clix incarnation:

Quasar is a space-faring hero with the Quantum Bands – wristbands capable of emitting hard light constructs similar to Green Lantern rings, turning them into protective force fields or offensive weaponry. The bands can also project energy blasts for offense and for propulsion in space.

He has the ability to generate Quantum Field force fields, both around himself and the immediate area around him, and even project these force fields from afar. To represent these abilities, Quasar should have Invulnerability, Defend, Energy Shield/Deflection, and Barrier. He’s capable of interstellar flight and teleportation, and has been seen to shoot energy beams in mid-flight, so he should have Running Shot and Phasing/Teleport. Since his main offense is shooting energy blasts from his Quantum Bands, he should have Energy Explosion, Pulse Wave, and Ranged Combat Expert, as well as a range of 10 with two targets. He should have the Power Cosmic Team ability (if Phyla-Vell got it, so should he). Finally, he’s been shown to be capable of transporting others, whether via teleportation or via Quantum Field constructs, so he should have Telekinesis and the ability to carry more than one character at a time.

Here’s the designed dial:

The Special Powers are:

  • Trait:Once during your turn, if Quasar has no action tokens, he can use the Carry ability to carry up to eight friendly characters.
  • (Speed) INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURER: Quasar can use Running Shot and Phasing/Teleport.
  • (Attack) QUANTUM BANDS: Quasar can use Telekinesis, Barrier and Defend.
  • (Defense) Q-FIELD SHIELDS: Quasar can use Invulnerability and Energy Shield/Deflection.

Quasar has Phasing/Teleport throughout his dial and has Running Shot on the first 4 clicks for offense. His Attack powers start as Q-Field support powers (Telekinesis, Barrier and Defend) to represent how Quasar uses his Quantum Bands in combat, then change to Energy Explosion and finally Pulse Wave as he takes damage, representing a shift in his offensive tactics. His initial Defense powers are a combination of Invulnerability and Energy Shield/Deflection, representing how effective his Quantum Field shielding is at absorbing damage, especially energy-based ranged attacks. This changes to Defend mid-dial, showing that Quasar still aims to protect fellow heroes against attacks, and finally changes to Barrier late-dial. He has high enough damage values throughout his lifespan, never dropping below 3 and giving Quasar the potential to do up to 6 ranged combat damage, thanks to his Ranged Combat Expert power. I’m not good at estimating costs, and I don’t have access to a point calculator, so I may be way off, but my estimate is that this costs around 200 points.

So there you have it, my justification for a Quasar figure, and my interpretation of how he’d be like as a Heroclix figure. I hope he gets made soon, so that I can start re-enacting cosmic teams and battles.


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